Historical Society of Penns Grove, Carneys Point, and Oldmans
Welcome to the webpage of the Historical Society of Penns Grove, Carneys Point and Oldmans. The Society was started in
1999 when a small group decided that it was important to preserve the history of Penns Grove and to be able to share the
history with others. Over the ensuing years the Society has expanded to encompass the towns of Carneys Point and Oldmans
since the history and communities are intertwined. This webpage is an attempt to share information about the society as well as
the communities it represents. Since it is a new endeavor we hope you will have some patience while we build the site. We do
welcome your comments and observations and hope that you will find our efforts enjoyable.
Our museum is open for visits on Sundays from 1 pm to 3 PM or by
appointment. You may also make arrangements to visit the
museum or do research at other times by calling 856-299-1556.

There is a fee of $5.00 for non-members who wish to do research.

No photography is allowed inside the museum.
Updated 7 April 2020
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